Saturday, August 23, 2014

Video: WWGF News Interview

Timecode List

1:00 Kathleen Hallal shows Poison Spring with pink bookmarks

1:31 Dr. Ray Seidler intro

2:51 Kathleen Hallal - lots of note and stickies

3:58 E.G. Valliantatos - EPA not responsible, it is the political and economical forces in the country

4:53 It sounds strange but the EPA has to be redesigned

5:33 Kathleen - our political system is broken - revolving doors, lobbyists

5:16 Audio drop-out (cut 3 mins of video)

5:17 Dr. Ray Seidler - EPA GMO safety studies, neonicotinoids, where is the smoking gun...early history?

7:26 Evan - In 1974, EPA approved Penncap M

9:39  Seidler - bringing us up to date - Congress allows industry to do their own testing

10:48 Evan - It is assumed that the people are honest, fake data, angry women, re-think EPA

12:32 Kathleen - If we don't have these chemicals, we can't farm at all

13:02 Evan - Onion Study (p. 231-233) Larger farms, more chemicals used

14:07 Obama could direct Defence Department, Gov. cafeterias, schools to buy organic

14:43 Kathleen - China organic food program, Hillary Clinton

15:20 What can we do? Look at the numbers?

17:12 Evan - People know how to grow food

17:25 Kathleen - Here is the thing: EPA says it is safe! EPA front group for chem corps, can't trust gov.

20:36 The farm workers...

20:44 Evan - EPA Farm worker protection program

22:40 Kathleen - Myths: Yields, Feeding the world

22:52 Evan - writing book not without risks

23:49 Kristi - afraid of being watched?

24:05 Evan - Fear...

24:34 Kristi - 75% US believes gov. keeps food safe

25:05 60 Minutes, presentations, interviews?

26:10 Vice - HBO

27:12 Mary - Glyphosate Found in Mothers' Breast Milk?

27:48 Evan - The 1970's

29:11 Kathleen - Glyphosate would not get into tissues, EPA wants mothers group to get more studies, EPA does not care

31:19 Evan - Why do we continue on this path? Insulting, dangerous, risking life of child

32:31 Kathleen - I work for free, 24-7, I never stop thinking about this, I'm not like a lobbyist, or a crooked scientist, I'm a mother, we work with our heart, makes my blood boil

36:08 Evan - I did not put myself in the book, EPA data, memos, Pray but Act

38:50 Ray - 100% Natural Bill (GMO Label)

40:40 Kathleen - Don't know what a GMO is....

41:27 Ray - I am a speaker....

42:08 Mary - Jackson/Josephine GMO crop ban

43:38 Kathleen - Winning in OR was door-to-door

44:14 Mary - Grassroots getting to all of the people

45:30 Kristi - Been at it for 2 years

47:00 Evan -  1980 study on intelligence

48:06 Chem warfare chems....who needs them?

49: 00 Kristi - Poison Spring: confirmation, is going to take women

50:14 Ray - To stupid to know GMO issues

51:15 It has gone beyond out-of-control

53:10 Kathleen - I do pubic speaking, republican women's groups, they have kids too, apolitical issue, health/food issue.

54:55 Evan - Dems are smiling, Reps cut jobs/budget

55:40 Mary - Fed level bought out, One County-at-a-time

57:00 Howard Vlieger - What do EPA children eat?

1:00:16 Evan - Thank You

1:01:09 Kathleen - breaking trust in gov.

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