Friday, August 22, 2014

Weekly Women's GMO Free News: Google Hangout with Dr. Ray Siedler, Retired EPA Scientist

 Basic Issues

1. GM technology for food has nothing to do with feeding the world;
2. GMOs extend the life (and profits) of pesticides;
3. The strategy of the owners of GM technologies is to control the world's food;
4. The EPA is no longer EPA: The nation's industry is funding Congress and the president and, in return, the White House and Congress have been influencing EPA to do the bidding of the industry. All this influence is sophisticated and unrecognizable by the public. Add to this science as a fig leaf, and the EPA seems to be EPA. "Poison Spring" decodes the industry-White house-Congress-EPA complex;
5. Eat organic food and be active: Moms across America must form a political party with the ideas of the "Poison Spring" as part of their agenda to ban GMOs and most pesticides.

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