Saturday, November 12, 2016

Conventional food may not be good for your health

If we had philosophers like Plato and Aristotle alive, they would be besides themselves. They would see things in America's countryside one of us, blinded of the reality next door, would consider as science fiction.

Imagine this reality -- evident in California's Central Valley, Iowa, Ohio, Illinois, New York and the rest of "rural" America -- immense farms growing one crop, helicopters spraying this territory, and almost all farm animals concentrated in cement enclosures fed corn and soybeans coming out of the farms.

Then extend your vision to see how the government approves terribly toxic poisons to kill every animal potentially threatening corn and soybeans, including honeybees, Monarch butterflies and myriad other invertebrates, birds, and other creatures.

If you are honest about preserving your health, you will want to go below the surface of supermarkets and TV advertisements. You will want to investigate the history of agencies like the US Department of Agriculture, the US Federal Drug Administration and the US EPA: environmental Protection Agency. This investigation will open your eyes, seeing the controlling influence of the chemical / pesticide industries, and agribusiness. You will ask: What happened to our small family farmer? Why do farmers (large agribusiness) spray our food with so many sprays? And how come EPA has been approving these "pesticides" / biocides?

I have been answering these questions for a very long time. But here's another article that touches on these realities affecting our lives and the natural world:     

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